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About Chubu Economic Federation


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Chubu Economic Federation (Chukeiren), established in 1951, authorized as an incorporated organization in 1991, and transferred its registration status to a general incorporated association in 2012,  is a comprehensive economic organization covering five prefectures of Nagano, Gifu, Shizuoka, Aichi and Mie in Central Japan (Chubu region). Chukeiren is presently composed of 740 member companies, incorporated educational institutions and economic organizations in Central Japan.

Central Japan is home to a number of manufacturing industries, and its regional GDP accounts for 15 percents of Japan's national GDP. Also Central Japan has 25 percents of nationwide manufactured products shipped. Chukeiren has been promoting the development of Central Japan's economy and industry by conducting research, and proposing timely projects on industrial and economic items to the Japanese Government and municipal governments of the region.

Chukeiren has also been publishing  "Central Japan"which introduces many attractive features such as regional economy, and creative manufacturing industries of Chubu region. Furthermore, Chukeiren has been supporting the activities of such relevant organizations as "Greater Nagoya Initiative Center", "Chubu Wide-area Tourism Promotion Council" and "The SHORYUDO Project Promotion Association", aiming for that many international business persons and tourists will visit Central Japan from all over the world.   

About Chubu Economic Federation